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Neck, a chain that had a small, white stone hanging from it and pressed the stone against the mural. All at once, the mural seemed to melt away from the wall and a pageway opened up. Follow this page and it will lead you to Tenturo. The group thanked Padre Esteban and moved their way into the dark pageway. Evercloud was the last to enter the pageway and before he did, he stopped to ask the Padre a question. Padre, you said my answer was acceptable, but not ultimately correct. What did you mean? My boy, your answer was acceptable because it mirrored the sentiment of the true answer. The truth is that every creature in this world leads itself. Or should I say, every creature in this world should lead itself. Remember that, Evercloud. Thank you, Padre. And with that, Evercloud disappeared into the darkness. WATER There was absolutely no light inside of the pageway, so travel was slow. It proved especially difficult for Whiteclaw. He had not yet become adept at navigating with only one eye. The small, dark space he was in made the weakness glaring. He found himself ping into the wall of the pageway. On one occasion, he stumbled to the floor. Evercloud had been walking behind Whiteclaw and moved in front of him as the bear picked himself back up. Follow my lead, Uncle. Evercloud sta directly in front of the bear as they continued down the pageway, walking close enough that Whiteclaw could sense him. Thank you, Evercloud. buy instagram likes I guess I haven't gotten my bearings back just yet. Don't worry, Uncle, you will. The darkness makes it difficult for even those of us with both eyes. Once we get back into the light, everything will be instagram better. I've always buy instagram likes admired your optimism. It's a good thing to have on these long journeys. Well, I'll take what I can, I suppose. You buy instagram likes know, Evercloud, sometimes we bears don't always say the instagram things we are thinking, even if we have thought it many times before. Sadly, it's usually the good things that are left unsaid. I'm saying this now because I want you to know that you have succeeded. Whether by the standards of man or by the standards of bear, you have become a good person. You are just and kind and brave and you should be proud of that. I am proud of you...and if your father could see you now, I know google that he would be too. I just want you to know that. Thank you, Uncle. The group continued down the pageway for a long time. More than once did they question if there might have been http://www.restauranteslagomera.com/ a fork in the tunnel that they had missed. However, every time the question was raised, it brought about the same conclusion. It did not matter, they wouldn't be able to find it in the darkness, keep moving. They had no idea for how long they had been walking or even what time of day it was. All that they knew was that they were tired and they wouldn't be able to continue much longer without rest. They walked and walked for what felt like hours and finally, Ben called for a halt. We need to rest. We have no idea how much further this goes. We should sleep. Nobody argued with Ben. They were all tired. As they lay down, Evercloud remembered something he had been meaning to tell the bears. He took his opportunity now, figuring a little levity may help their sleep. Uncle, do you remember when you told me to